How Luxury Writing Paper Can Enhance the Letter Reading Experience



There is little doubt that a hand written letter is something that can be greatly prized in the modern world. Letters have become a rarity, what with so many alternative and vastly a research paper sample quicker modes of communication. But there can be just as little doubt that receiving a letter on high quality, luxury writing paper helps to enhance the reading experience for the recipient. This thinking is in keeping the idea that a little extra effort made by the sender makes the gesture all the greater. After all, a gift seems so much more pleasant when it is received complete with bow and suitable wrapping paper. In fact, it is widely advised that if one wishes to add a greater sense of luxury, gift wrap the box and provide a personal hand written note, perhaps even in a luxury envelop with a wax seal imprinted with a personal insignia from a seal stamp.

There can be no denying that luxury adds to the reading experience. Generally, the classical luxury sheets of white or cream paper are used, and rightfully so given the elegance that is associated with a written letter. However, the options go even beyond the Crown Mill range, with the Verge de France selection boasting sheets that are a full 25 per cent cotton. With an array of colours, from warm pink to sky blue, the letter written can be done so and presented in a most unique manner.

It is not the visual effect, however, that makes such a letter a luxury one. It is actually the touch of the paper as the reader holds the pages. The high cotton content of the pages provide a soft, warm feel, which promotes a sense of comfort that ultimately makes the experience the most delightful imaginable. The whole effect is further enhanced, of course, by the use of Verge de France luxury cotton envelopes. Indeed, even the addition of sealed wax on the envelope makes it a more personal message. The stamp used to seal the wax can be one of any number of designs, from the likeness of a horse or tiger to the image of a palm tree or rose. The designs can also be grander, with the French themed Fleur de Lis amongst the most favoured, and festive designs with images of Christmas trees or wedding bells are also popular. Perhaps most impressive is a unique, custom made design which depicts a family crest or a family emblem. It might even bear the image of something more personal, such as a yacht to a sailing enthusiast, golf clubs to a golfer or, perhaps, a writing quill for a writer or a lover of literature. Exactly what custom made design is chosen is down to the sender.

The private significance of such a seal, whether grand or festive or custom in design, adds that extra depth to the message, in much the same way as a smile or wink does in face to face a conversation. It might seem that the use of wrapping paper does not accomplish quite the same significance, but the array of paper used today is much wider than the common colourful range that is available in most high street card shops, newsagents or art supply stores. There is also a range of high grade wrapping paper available, sporting more artistic images of more worldly themes. Amongst the leading providers of such luxury gift wrap paper is the Cavallini, which produces a high grade selection. One of the most striking is a painted image of a grey Indian elephant in full stride, printed over a colour map of the India itself. With one sheet of paper measuring 51cm by 71cm, it is large enough to wrap a large gift, but is impressive enough to be kept as an extra gift in itself.

In fact, the Cavallini themselves suggest the paper can even be framed and hung as a picture, say in a study or office. The overall combination of such wrapping paper around a gift, along with a hand written card or letter on luxury writing paper can do nothing but provide a memorable impression. The fact that the letter might be delivered in a luxury envelop that features a red wax seal pressed by awith a personally significant image, can add even more to the whole letter reading experience.

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