All About Fly Fishing  

Fly fishing is a unique and traditional angling method in which fish are caught by using artificial flies. This method is employed to trap fish of different species like trout, salmon, pike, bass, panfish and tarpon. The two types of fly fishing are dry and wet. In dry fly fishing the insect sits on the water without getting wet. Contrary to this in wet fly fishing, the insect goes deep inside the water and tries to draw the attention of the fish   missoula fly fishing blog   . The types of castings modes are roll cast, haul cast (single and double), curve and tuck cast. Fly fishing is the fastest growing favorite sport worldwide. This is because fly fishing is more relaxing and entertaining. The basic fly fishing tackle is reel, gear, fly, rod and vest. Fresh water fishing is the most popular sport across the United States. The famous waters comprises of Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Henrys Fork River, Blackfoot and Madison Rivers, Kenai River, the Rogue Rivers, Lee’s Ferry on the Colorado River in Arizona, Owens and the East Walker Rivers in California and the Nueces and Guadalupe Rivers of Texas.

The artificial flies are weightless and fixed to hook with thread, feathers and fur using either natural or artificial material. The insect should have the capability to mimic the local insects and attract the fish. Beginners must practice to mimic the insect’s movements because based on this, the fish is lured. The fly should also match the diet of the fish and it usually resembles aquatic larva, egg, pupa, shrimp, grasshopper, frogs and tadpoles. These artificial flies can be either stimulator or streamer. The  used is as follows. Rods are long, weightless but the fly lines are bulkier than the conventional. The usual size is about 6ft for freshwater fishing. The heavy fly line throws the fly the target. Manmade fly rods are preferred because of their versatility and cheaper. The basic difference between the spin casting and fly is that in the former, weight of the lure plays a prominent role. In fly fishing weight of the line determines the act.


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