When promoting products you need as much help as you can get to make your life easier. Understanding the product inside and out is crucial. What action does the customer need to perform? Does the vendor supply free marketing resources? Choose an Affiliate marketing for SEO program that you can easily leverage to make your job a lot easier and see better sales results.

Here are a few things to consider when you join an affiliate marketing program:

How much is the commission?– How much will you receive for your work? Make sure that it is enough to be worth your marketing efforts. 10% every time you sell a $20 item is great as long as you make 50 sales a day. Otherwise, it may not be worth your time.

What action does the customer take?– Do you get paid every time someone makes a purchase from your link or every time you lead them to a specific action? You will want to market differently depending on what your goal is for your affiliate marketing program. Different markets require different strategies.

Are there a significant amount of refunds?– If 40-50% of sales have been refunded it’s a good sign to look somewhere else. Check CB analytics for these kinds of statistics.

What are consumers saying about it in forums or reviews?– Forums are a great place to see what people think about products. Beware of anyone saying negative things about a product and trying to sell you a different one.

How competitive will it be?– Do a little SEO research to see how hard you would have to work on a campaign to see any results. Competition means that there is money to be made, but you still want to make your job as easy as you can. You can use the Google keyword tool to get a feel for how much competition is out there and spot some hidden niche keywords.


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