Flying Eagles of Nigeria Create Football History at Saudi Arabia 1989
At the 1989 World Youth Championship held in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria picked the Silver award, subsequent to overcoming USSR in the most throbbing semi last matches at any point played throughout the entire existence of the FIFA U-20 title. The Flying Eagles first game was against the host Country, and they crushed Saudi Arabia 2-1 with Midfielder Mutiu Adepoju and Striker Christopher Ohenhen getting the two fundamental objectives for Nigeria. The following game was against Portugal, and it conflicted with the assumption for the Coach Tunde Disu drove Boys, who got whacked 1-0 by a solid Portuguese group. The Flying Eagles were be that as it may ready to get a quarterfinal ticket subsequent to getting a 1-1 draw against Czechoslovakia in their last gathering game. เทคนิคบอลทุกวัน Christopher Ohenhen indeed protected a point for Nigeria by scoring the conclusive equalizer in the 72nd minutes of play. The quarterfinal game saw the Flying Eagles been combined with USSR. The game was played in Dammam, and was later re-named "the wonder of Dammam". This was a game that saw Nigeria following by 4-0 with few moments to the furthest limit of the unequivocal quarterfinal match. Amazing Oleg Salenko of USSR was among the scorers in that paramount match. Over the course of about 30 minutes, Nigeria retaliated to balance 4-4 and bring the match into punishment shoot-out. The rebound was begun by headliner Christopher Ohenhen who scored a support in the 61st and 75th minutes to carry scores to 4-2 with 15 minutes of play left in guideline time. Samuel Elijah, who was subsequently nicknamed "Prophet" Samuel Elijah scored in the 83rd minutes of play decrease the count to 4-3, preceding moving skipper Nduka Ugbade appeared suddenly to even out score 4-4 with an unfathomable equalizer in the 84th minutes. The Russians were staggered past their creative mind. The match needed to go into punishments after the termination of an hour and a half, and the Nigerians win 5-3, after Mirdjalal Kasimov missed his spot kick to carry the game to a disappointment. It was the best returned the historical backdrop of world football till date. In the semi finals, the Flying Eagles barely crushed USA 2-1 after the game needed to go into another additional time with the games tied at 1-1 in guideline time. Mutiu Adepoju who later turned into a necessary piece of the Super Eagles of Nigeria scored the two objectives that wiped out USA from the competition. In objective for USA on that noteworthy day, was goalkeeper Kasey Keller who later turned into an easily recognized name in world football. It's anything but a drained looking Flying Eagles group that certified for the Final of the 1989 FIFA World Youth Championship, subsequent to playing two progressive games that went into punishment shoot-out. This was to demonstrate conclusive, as the Flying Eagles were crushed 2-0 by Portugal, who had prior beaten them 1-0 at the gathering stage.

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