African Football: A Chronology Of Tragedies On And Off The Field Of Play
Proficient football as a serious game has had its out of line portion of misfortunes throughout the long term. Aside from misfortunes on the field of play, observers have not been saved too. Africa's most obscure day in soccer, maybe stays the plane accident of April 27, 1993, when 18 individuals from the Zambian public group and 12 specialized and team individuals died when their plane dove into the ocean off the bank of Gabon. Misfortune cuts across mainlands, and that reality was affirmed during a League match between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirate. A charge at Ellis Park arena in Johannesburg brought about the passings of 43 individuals, the most noticeably awful calamity in South Africa's brandishing history. Africa again saw another brandishing misfortune when a nearby League match among Lupopo and TP Mazembe on the 30th of April 2001, prompted the passing of 14 individuals during a charge following group inconvenience at a significant alliance match at city of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Nigerian wearing family saw quite possibly the most horrendous football misfortunes on the 23rd of December 2008, when nine female beginner footballers and two mentors were scorched to death in a car collision in transit from Jos, Plateau state. The tears of distress had scarcely evaporated, when 15 individuals from a novice group, F.C Jimeta from Adamawa state, Nigeria, passed on in another car collision on the 26th of January 2009. Twelve of the dead were players, while the excess three were coaches. Extreme warmth and congestion brought about the demise of 4 football fans at a Ghanaian League match between Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oaks in Kumasi on Sunday eighth February, 2009. On the 21st of February 2009, 13 Football allies of Nigeria Premier League side Ocean Boys F.C of Yenegoa were killed by people suspected to be cultist, headed to going to a chief association match including their group and Bayelsa United at the Ughelli Township Stadium in Delta State, Nigeria. Misfortune struck at the Stade Felix Houphout-Boigny arena in Abidjan, when Cote d'ivoire played host to Malawi, as 22 football fans were killed when a fence fell as they attempted to acquire section into the generally stuck stuffed arena, during a 2010 World Cup Qualifier. แทงบอลออนไลน์ Footballers are not likewise saved of these misfortunes, which regularly happen either on or off the field of play. The following is a rundown of African footballers who have passed on the field of play. Samuel Okwaraji(Nigeria)- passed on of coronary episode on August 12, 1989 Amir Angwe(Nigeria)- passed on of coronary failure on October 29, 1995 George Iginewari(Nigeria)- passed on of gunfire twisted in 1995 Tunde Charity(Nigeria)- passed on of head injury in 1997 Emmanuel Nwanegbo(Nigeria)- passed on of cardiovascular breakdown on August 30, 1997 Shamo Quaye(Ghana)- passed on while preparing with group on November 30, 1997 John Ikoroma(Nigeria)- passed on of coronary failure on February 2000 Charles Esheko(Nigeria)- passed on of heart failure on July 14, 2001 Marc-Vivien Fo(Cameroon)- passed on of coronary failure on June 26, 2003 Sam Okoye(Nigeria)- passed on after a short sickness on August 2005 Chaswe Nsofwa(Zambia)- kicked the bucket of cardiovascular breakdown on August 29, 2007 Fellow Tchingoma(Congo DR)- kicked the bucket of heart related affliction on February 9, 2009 George Katete(Congo DR)- kicked the bucket of respiratory failure on March fifth 2009 Orobosa Adun(Nigeria)- drooped and passed on May 26, 2009 Perseverance Idahor(Nigeria)- passed on of assault on March 13, 2010....

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