How to Do Football Tricks
Team Members in the NFL are recognized for their skills on the field. Off the field it gets even more intriguing when you see the things they are able to with the ball during the times it's not all about game winning touchdowns and field goals. Some of these football tricks can be seen on YouTube and on some MySpace pages etc. and you should probably check them out as describing them as is described here doesn't really do them justice. These tricks are ordinarily performed by players who want to get picked for to fantasy football leagues. Some of them can be learned by fans with practice but a few are in fact dangerous and shouldn't be tried at home. Christ Chambers of the San Diego Chargers manages to catch three footballs: one in each hand and then the third in between the other two. The footballs are thrown from three different persons standing behind him. Chambers turns his back to them and grabs the first and second ball without ever taking a look. With his hands full he skillfully catches the third ball that is thrown using the other two. It s a very hard trick to do, especially with your back turned to the guys tossing the ball to you. Chris Cooley of the Washington Redskins shows his strength by actually perforating a wall to catch the football. He hits on the wall to show that it is solid and then shows to the individual throwing the ball where on the wall he should aim then goes to stand behind it. He gives a signal and the ball is thrown. Astonishingly he breaks through the solid wall and catches the football blind, then pulls his hand, now holding the ball back through the wall. Mason Crossby of the Green Bay Packers does an amazing job doing a trick using three footballs and a bell tower. He places the balls in a row as though he will be attempting field goals then kicks them one after the other up to the tower and causes the bell to chime. Laurence Maroney of the New England Patriots demonstrates his ability to get through a small space by running full force at an SUV that has both its front windows down. Amazingly he jumps straight through both windows and comes out untouched on the other side, still holding the ball. Braylon Edwards of the Cleveland Browns amazingly catches 5 footballs hurled at him from a dispenser while being completely blindfolded. He even turns his back at some one point and still doesn't miss. ข่าวเทคโนโลยี Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans, launches a football himself and then runs the length of the field and catches it. Jason Campbell of the Washington Redskins throws two balls toward two receivers that are out on the field. The footballs collide with each other and then bounce off each other and spin away into the hands of the waiting receivers. Marc Bulger of the St. Louis Rams throw a football at a score card being held up at the end of a field. Demonstrating his amazing aim, he changes the number on the card each time he hits it with the football. Chris Simms of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers launches three footballs into three bins positioned all over the field. To show that he is really talented, he then hits a bin that is located in the back of a moving vehicle.

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