7 Must-Have Tips to Running the Football
My name is Anthony Bacarella and I have been around the game of football since I was 5 years of age. I have played youth football, high school football, and college football, where I played the fullback position. As a full back I received an unusual amount of carries considering the position. Since I was given a lot of carries I know a thing or two about what someone needs to know and do to run the football effectively. I have 7 tips that will help whoever runs the football at any point in their life. 1) Ball Security is a Must! Many coaches and players alike now preach the new high and tight grip of the football. I however do not like this method of holding on to the football. I was taught to use this method in college. I did not fumble but found the ball easier to get out because there was usually a point exposed. The most simple way to carry the football is by covering the points. When the points of a football are covered then a defender cannot get the ball out of your grasp, it is almost impossible. By covering the points I meant tucking one side in between your rib cage and arm and the other side should be covered by either you middle finger or what some people describe as the claw which is your middle and ring finger separated. Remember those who do not fumble are never frowned upon. It doesn't matter how many touch downs you may have had, if you can't hold on to the football people remember. 2) Never Grab at a hand-off! My second tip is simple. Allow the quarter back to give you a nice firm hand-off before you collapse on the football. Many times running backs get way too eager because they see a wide hole. Before you know it the ball is on the ground because their pocket has collapsed before the ball was even in their stomach. Many people may say, "they stop teaching you how to make a pocket in high school," That doesn't matter because an effective pocket will always allow the runner to start off the run safely. Never grab at the hand-off! 3) Run North and South We are not all Barry Sanders. The man had hips of a God. He was able to run full speed straight ahead stop on the dime, cutback, and take a ninety degree angle and head in the other direction. This man was an amazing running back who not only was a hard worker but had god given talent. For those of us that do not run the football like Barry Sanders there is one golden rule to live by. This rule is to run north and south. This means continue to run straight ahead and pick up yardage. It is the worst thing to see a running back tiptoe in a hole and think hes fast enough to beat the defense to the sideline. This ends up making these two yard runs feel like twenty yard runs when those two yards could have been picked up by continuing to move forward. วิเคราะห์ บอลเต็ง 4) Know the down and distance Know the sticks! By knowing where you need to be for a first down you can change your style up a little. You never know if its just third an one then get the one lower you shoulder and get the first. If its second and one then, hey maybe you can find a cutback lane and take one to the house. Every inch counts in football, and every decision that is made has a reason for its making. 5) Deliver the blow There is nothing better as a running back than running a tackler over. As a running back your mentality should be that no one will bring you to the ground and if they do then you must make them pay. Lower you shoulder hit somebody and get the extra three yards. Not only will this feel good, but linebackers every where will respect and fear you. They will think about taking you head up next time, and this might be your shot to take it to the house. 6) Follow your blockers Along with running north and south, a running back must always follow his blockers. You can not think you are better than everybody else and create your own play. That's why we have coaches calling our plays. they know what they are talking about and want you to run into a certain area. Following your lead blockers will always give you a better chance then getting scared and leaving at the last second. By following your blockers holes will open up, I promise. 7) Eyes to the sky My last and final tip is eyes to the sky. By eyes to the sky I mean keep your head up. Make sure you see where your going. Vision is the key to a running backs success. Keeping your head up will also keep you from severely injuring your neck or head.  

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