Ewan Mcgregor – Want To Come On An Overland Adventure?
A weird article title, yet a much more interesting story. I work for an organization called Dragoman Overland - we bargain in overland experience travel, which for the unenlightened is circumventing the world in a major truck taking in the way of life. This is the sort of outing that individuals quit work to take, and they can endure somewhere in the range of about fourteen days to months to years.   Along these lines, while traversing Africa, we run into Ewan McGregor, A-List Hollywood entertainer and star of Star Wars Episodes 1-3, Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting and Shallow Grave. He's traversing Africa on motorbike with his film team, and gets on to visit with our travelers and group. Now I should express that he appeared to be no less sensible than matkailuauto any of our different travelers, and was glad to entertain stories of his undertakings to our travelers - like an ordinary person. Experience travel truly is an alternate world - it's 1,000,000 miles from 'typical life' and superstar status makes no difference out there. It was ideal to see him loosen up, liberated from the pressing factors of the media and the paparazzi.   At any rate, one of our travelers recorded a portion of the exchange - it's not ordinary you meet a superstar and it's simply one more piece of the miracle of overland travel, the total feeling of the unforeseen. Said client transferred the video to YouTube to impart to his companions. We connected to the video on our site - what better method of showing the bizarre goings on of an overland experience than with this thrilling video film? Truth be told, the video's still up, go see with yourselves own eyes   Nothing occurred for the entirety of a couple of hours, however at that point we got a call from Ewan's creation organization demanding that we bring the connection down. I can just expect that they thought we were attempting to suggest a type of superstar underwriting, when truly we were simply attempting to show that anything can occur on a Dragoman occasion. The difference between Ewan McGregor, so cheerful, talking unreservedly with counterparts in Africa, and his creation organization caught in their suits in their office was huge. Nobody thinks often about copyright insurance when you're carrying on with a bold life abroad, and it should be discouraging for Ewan to get back to this corporate world in the wake of abandoning it for such a long time.   Along these lines, we'd prefer to offer Ewan the opportunity to go along with us - it's a proper welcome. Set to the side your film timetable and ride with Dragoman Overland. This sort of involvement is certainly worth the cost and we ensure you'll have fun, away from the pressing factors and ridiculously meddlesome nature of creation organizations and Hollywood administration.

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