Do You Have Football Swagger? Find Out How To Get Football Swagger!
Do you have football swagger? Ask yourself a few honest questions and you will soon find out. - Are you a "Playmaker" on your team? - When in a position to make a "big" play during the game do you do it? - Do you dominate your opponent during the game? - Are you confident in your football skills? - When you suit up to play do you always look your best? If you answered yes to these questions GREAT! You've got "SWAGGER" If you answered no to any of these questions then we've got a few things to work on. What's cool about the idea of having Football Swagger is that there are different levels of swagger. For example, someone may have swagger at the level of one-trillion. Of courses we all want to get to one-trillion but it takes place by a process. This process is very simple and I'll go over that it in a second. Before I tell you how to increase your Swagger let me first explain what swagger is all about. Football Swagger is based on CONFIDENCE! You see, you can be the biggest, the strongest, maybe even the fastest but if you don't possess confidence in your abilities to perform then your talents are simply only what they are. It's when you have confidence in yourself and your talents that you begin to dominate your competition. In the game of football, confidence is what separates the winners from the losers. เดิมพันอย่างเซียนบอล So you ask, " do I gain more confidence?" Are you ready? Sure you ready? It all starts with PREPARATION. Preparation is the key to confidence and confidence is the key to swagger. By preparation I'm referring to training. As a football player you must properly prepare yourself to play the game you love. This preparation; starts not during the season but in the off-season. You must discipline yourself to train your body to become bigger, stronger and faster. You must also perform position specific drills to master the techniques of your craft. For example, as a receiver you should not only be in the gym and on the track but you should also be catching a lot of footballs and running a lot of pass routes. Cone drills; ladder drills and plyometrics should also be incorporated in your workout regiment. This is only one example, but goes for all football players in how they prepare.  

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